Pull Your Shoulders Back & Your Head Up

The other day, I was getting ready for work and wasn't exactly thrilled with the way my body looked. Then it dawned on me....I was slumped over.

Not from fatigue necessarily, but from stress, day to day dealings, worrying about the future, and ok yes, some fatigue.

In simply pulling my shoulders back and lifting my head, I looked different, more confident. I felt better about myself and how the world would be viewing me, but more importantly, how I'd be viewing myself.

I truly didn't realize how much I had let my mind and my emotions drop weight on my shoulders. It's as if I had just sat in a chair and let someone continually put weights on either side until I ultimately had to lean forward to bear the stress of it all.

The re-establishment of posture, the focusing on the inner strength of your gut/core to support your body and your soul, the open chested stance that projects strength and confidence; this is how we should all start the day.

Check yourself in the mirror. First thing in the morning, throughout the day and last thing at night. If you're slouched, remind yourself that you're strong enough to carry anything. You were built that way.

Now, get out there and take on the world.