It's Time to Fix This

I, like millions of Americans, am pretty disappointed.

Not the typical start to a motivational blog, but let's be honest, some things need to be identified for what they are.

We have come to a point where we have tolerated borderline behavior, race to the bottom intelligence and a lack of respect for others that has boiled to an anger nationwide.

This divide has us hating our fellow humans, shooting those that protect us and we have decided that the two best potential leaders for our wonderful country have been marked as criminals and liars. Our education systems are suffering, greed in society, business, sports and politics are eating our morals and progress alive.

Really, what the hell?

There's not a day that goes by that I don't look at my two sons and wonder what the world will be like when they're teenagers, adults, even when they have their own children?

What I will say is this: it's time to fix this problem.

Now, the minute you watch any show, read any post or listen to any "expert," pay attention to what they're offering as a solution. Not just a simplistic 10 second sound bite, but a thorough and well thought out plan on how to solve the problem they're talking about.

Sadly, you rarely, if ever, hear it.

We all have been children at some point and a lot of us have our own. When bad behavior begins, what happens (or should happen)?

We are set straight and held to a higher behavioral standard. Well, here it is y'all:

We all better start acting right, right now.

It starts with individual accountability. You are the only person who can truly control what you think, what you say, how you feel and what you do. Every single day we all make a choice on how we carry ourselves. 

Let's choose positive.

We make a choice on how we make others feel. Differences do not excuse viciousness. In my life, I've learned more from those who are different than I am because I've chosen to learn more, not shun in ignorance and generalization.

Let's choose understanding.

Finally, these cycles stop with us. How you treat and educate your children, or any other children for that matter, plants the seed of how future generations will be shaped. If we ignore, neglect, misinform and feed our children negativity and violence, how do you think they'll turn out.

Let's choose love.

I've always said that there are no lines in society other than the one between good and evil. No race, no religion, no sexual preference, no financial status should blanket a group of people when in every division there are good people and bad. If we look at ourselves, and those around us, in that light the world seems more connected. The work then becomes to shift the weight from the evil bucket, to the good.

It's time to fix this.