Motivational Mondays - 8.17.15 - The Cost of Nice

So, as we are constantly surrounded by a swirl of negative news, doom and dread, it’s no wonder that people are caught up in some sort of a funk. Between that and the fact that technology has us more engaged in our devices than each other, it’s time to bring back an old school behavior.

Engage and be nice.

First: Engage

Now, this may seem a bit hypocritical seeing as how you’re probably reading this on a phone or your computer. I’m talking more about the day to day use of our devices which may seem like it’s connecting us more, but really is eroding our attention and takes away from what really matters: the people around us.

I found myself guilty of this. Constantly updating social statuses, checking emails, texts, etc. Technology is a very important part of my life for work, this blog and my music (shameless plug for djrichb.com) but it doesn’t need to be a constant distractor. The beauty of life is what’s in front of you. Think about someone who doesn’t have the ability to see and convince them why it’s more important to stare at a screen of words in your hand vs. the amazing scenery and people around you. Deliberately remind yourself to put your phone down and your head up. Take in the beauty around you.

Second: Be nice

It’s a simple practice that yields tremendous rewards. Think of a time that someone did something unexpected for you: held a door, paid a compliment, or simply just smiled and wished you a wonderful day. Unless you’re pulsing coal and venom through your veins, it probably made you feel special. The flipside is the feeling that the giver is getting out of it. There’s a certain delight in being able to bring a smile to someone’s face through a genuine act of kindness without desire for retribution.

The key there: without desire for retribution.

So many times, people will do nice or thoughtful things with expectation of reciprocation. Do something nice just for the simple fact that you want to do something nice. Don’t expect anything, don’t wait for a thank you. Just smile, act, and carry on. Those moments that you have someone make eye contact and smile, showing genuine appreciation, are well worth it.

Challenges issued my friends. Take the time to disconnect from the device and make it a practice, every single day, to bring positivity into as many lives around you as possible.