Turning a New Leaf

Those that know me know that Fall is absolutely my favorite season. The brisk air, football, the smell of fireplaces and the pending holidays that are so family focused.

The other thing I love about Fall is the change that you see all around you.

Not in a morbid way because I'm celebrating the fact that plants are wilting away and leaves are falling all around, but more so in the visual metaphor for change; just as Spring shows the rebirth and growth.

It's in this metaphor that I connect it to the inventory of life I usually take around this time of my life: What's good? What's working? What does my snapshot of happiness look like?

Most importantly: What's holding me back from bliss?

Be it people, work, day to day routine, self doubts or whatever the factor may be, it's time to take note of those things that are holding you back. 

Take the time to sit quietly and take inventory. You MUST be honest with yourself. Take me for example: my self doubt in the creative space has literally caused me to delay a couple of projects this year to the point where they haven't come to fruition....simply because I've talked myself out of them.

That's an inventory item that's got to go. 

We all deserve to be happy and live a life that is fulfilling and joyous, but we're the only ones that can determine that. Your choices, good or bad, influence the end game and you owe it to yourself to be in the best position possible for happiness.

Time to get out the rake and lawn bag and get rid of those things that need to go and plant the seeds that need to live on.