With the constant motion of the day and all of the facets of your life, it's critical to maintain personal balance now, more than ever.

Rich strives to help you find that balance through continued practice of positive actions and thoughts while also learning how to love and understand various people in your life

....most importantly yourself.

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"There's always a way."

Even in the darkest moments of my life, my relentless passion in caring for and connecting with people has forced me to pick myself up and keep moving forward because I was not blessed with this gift to only have it go to waste.

I've always been convinced that you are only limited in life by what you believe to be true. Whether you're pursuing the perfect job, body or relationship, there is always a method to obtaining it.

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From small groups to large conferences, I can custom tailor a presentation to meet the needs of your message.

I'll work hand in hand with you to detail out your needs and address them with inspiration, business savvy and comedy. Often called "The King of Analogies" I find delight in taking complex information and breaking it apart with simple concepts to explain and have your audience absorb more effectively.