Episode #017 - Motivational Monday - Control Your Self Worth


"Not one drop of my self-worth depends on your acceptance of me." - @heartcenteredrebalancing

It's exhausting sometimes.

You're constantly chasing what society thinks is "cool" or "of status" and, in the process, you're burning yourself out. Mainly because you're so worried about what other people think about your house, car, clothes, etc. 

But, the more you expend on chasing what you worry others will think, when was the last time you spent that effort on making yourself happy? Doing something that you're passionate about? Investing in something that you believe in?

Today is the day you take that power back.

In this episode, I discuss this incredibly popular behavior, the trap that social media plays and how you can tweak your mindset to overcome the exhaustive actions of bankrupting your own personal worth.

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