Episode #028 - Control Your Happiness


Throughout your day, do you ever find yourself frustrated because something is standing in the way of your happiness?

Maybe it's a person or a problem that you become laser focused on because it's causing you the most angst and you're hell bent to solve it or change the behavior. 

What if I told you that you're wasting your time and there's a path to immediate happiness and less stress just a few steps over there? Would you take that path?

Every single day, we're posed with resistance and all too often we get caught up in the fix rather than focusing on the path that will get us where we need to and want to go. The best part is that you get to choose which route you go. 

In this episode I'll share a few tips to avoid that stressful waste of time and get you on the path to having a better day, and a better life, immediately.

Start implementing these fixes and let me know how it's going. Drop me a note at rich@richbracken.com or on Twitter and Instagram @richbracken1. 

Photo Credit: Ambreen Hasan via Unsplash.com