Episode #033 - Leadership Expert Elizabeth McCourt


The word "leadership" is tossed around quite a bit while so many people are striving to become that person, that thought leader, that difference maker. But what truly makes a solid leader in today's world?

My guest on this week's podcast has the answers.

Elizabeth McCourt, President and Founder, McCourt Leadership Group.

Elizabeth is a certified leadership coach, speaker and writer. A background in executive recruiting in financial services for nearly 20 years, she works with high-level individuals and teams as a strategic partner in both their professional and personal goals. She helps people embrace their whole self and get real with who they are, so they can parlay that into leadership and business success.  

She’s on a mission to help people embrace their own resilience with the mindset that ‘wins’ don’t always have to be spectacular, they can be small and impactful. Her style is both practical minded and creative, allowing clients to really push their limits to find their most courageous style of both resilience and leadership. 

Through her coaching, speaking and even her TEDx talk "Why You Should Spill Your Secrets" she shares actionable tips on how to improve your leadership style.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What are common characteristics of top leaders
  • What holds people back from finding their true potential for leadership
  • Why most people lack resilience
  • How physical activity and exercise can improve your leadership skills
  • The value of taking on a non-traditional project

You can find out more about Elizabeth on her website mccourtleadership.com.