Episode #035 - Fitness Experts Aja James & Mallory Jansen


It’s no surprise that a healthy lifestyle leads to better focus, more energy and positive moods.

In today’s world, we are constantly surrounded of images and messages about staying fit and healthy. For those of us who are already pressed for time in our professional or personal lives, how can we leverage what little time we have to maximize our health?

In this episode I talk to two extremely positive and energetic women who have brought their personal style to personal training. Aja James and Mallory Jansen started Flexy Body Babes to not only get you into shape physically, but also mentally.

In our discussion, they share:

Why they started Flexy and what sets it apart.

What are the biggest obstacles for people trying to get healthy?

What's a must that anyone can implement in their day to start a healthier lifestyle?

Implement anything from a mental/focus standpoint to help people keep a strong mentality outside of workouts? 

For those business people who are always in meetings or traveling, what they recommend to stay fit/eat healthy?

Get ready to get fit, physically and mentally, with Aja and Mallory.

You can also check them out at FlexyBodyBabes.com, on Instagram and Twitter

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Have an amazing day!