Episode #037 - "The Leadership Linebacker" Dr. Jason Carthen


Having been one and been across from a few in my football days, I know exactly how motivating a linebacker can be. Take that to a whole other level when it's Dr. Jason Carthen, "The Leadership Linebacker." 

Jason, a former linebacker with the World Champion New England Patriots, is now a best-selling author, international speaker, avid blogger, media-personality, and philanthropist. His messages are so profound and motivating that he routinely works with such outlets as NBC, ABC, ESPN and TBN along with hundreds of radio programs.

His direct, yet humble, communication style makes you feel engaged with him from the world go as he works with individuals up to large groups to help with such topics as leadership, motivation, team dynamics and organizational culture.

In this episode, I spent some time with Dr. J discussing the following questions:

What was your “a-ha” moment that helped you transition from playing football to becoming who you are today as a successful speaker, author and leadership consultant.

What similarities do you see between the top NFL players and top business leaders?

What makes a truly exemplary leader?

As most successful leaders seem to have it all together, what is the one element that you think 2nd tier leaders today could use more of

If you had one tip to give to help someone improve their speaking, what would that be

Why do some business teams succeed while others either fall into the middle or fall apart?

What is the #1 thing you coach/speak on of all the topics you cover?

I know he'll motivate you as much as possible so that nothing stands in your way of achieving your own definition of success.

You can learn more about Dr. J at jasoncarthen.com where you can get his free resources, listen to his podcast, and learn more about his speaking and coaching programs.

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Have an amazing day!