Episode #043 - Allow Yourself to Be a Beginner | A Lesson in Humility & Success


As a kid, I was so disappointed that when I picked up my electric guitar for the first time and strummed the strings that it did NOT sound just like Def Leppard. 

What I didn't realize was that they has spent years practicing, rehearsing, failing and learning to get to where they were.

So many times, we're afraid to try something new because we don't want to feel failure or look silly. Tell that to a child trying to learn to walk. They don't give up after three tumbles because it's not working out the way they want it to. 

Today is the day you embrace humility and allow yourself to be a beginner again. 

In this episode I share some of my experiences with self-paralysis and the value of humble beginnings on a new challenge. I'll also discuss how the removal of self-criticism and momentum of small successes will manifest into greater things in your life.

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