Episode #048 - Learning to Leap with Entrepreneur & Health Enthusiast Jill Minton


When you think back on how you met certain people in your life, it typically comes through a mutual introduction. I was introduced to Jill Minton of Kansas City based health cafe' t.Loft through a mutual friend and my life is better because of it (thank you Tara Renze!)

The main reason it's better is because Jill is one of the most inspirational, fun, driven and delightful souls you'll ever meet. After you listen to this podcast, you'll absolutely agree.

Taking a leap from corporate America, Jill created t.Loft as a healthy option for people in Kansas City as she was challenged with her own health issues. Not only did she learn to leap herself, she changed the dynamic of her family to make it happen.

In this episode we'll discuss: 

  • How she chose to pursue this path
  • How her view on raising her family changed for the better
  • How her mornings are different now owning her own business
  • What advice she would give to others who are thinking about leaping from corporate America
  • How she's using her experience to coach others to pursue their dreams

You can learn more about Jill on her website JillMinton.me, the Learning to Leap Podcast on iTunes, Instagram and Facebook

You absolutely MUST visit t.Loft as well in KC and online.

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