Episode #055 - Fight the Funk | 5 Methods to Battle Bad Moods


No one is immune to bad moods, it happens to us all. But what if you had the ability to quickly jump out of one or change your life so that you stayed out of a bad funk for longer durations? By implementing a few changes in your life, I liken it to taking Vitamin C on a daily basis, it helps prevent you from getting sick.

In this episode, I will discuss 5 different things that I've implemented in my life, as well as coached others on, that keep me out of funks or will pull me out of one quickly.

Listen in as I talk about the benefits of:

  1. Meditation/Prayer
  2. Music
  3. Exercise
  4. Life Auditing
  5. Intentional Smiles

As promised in the episode, I'm sharing a link to my Spotify channel for you to follow for mood playlists of all kinds. You can access my profile here.

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