Episode #056 - Impress Yourself


I have lived a blessed, comical and storybook life in my opinion. The opportunities that have presented themselves have been so fun to engage in and live out. And yes, when you run those stories together in the book that is my life, it's a bit unbelievable at times.

But let me share with you how this can be your sentiment as well.

If you've ever been on the fence about an opportunity, new hobby, new job, new life or just some amazingly fun life experiences, this is your day and this is your podcast.

In this episode I will share the steps I've taken in life to put myself in the position to live the life that I've lived which include:

  • Listening to your heart and your gut on what you want to do
  • Being persistent in your pursuit
  • Understanding your "why?" 
  • Overcoming obstacles

Make sure you take a photo or video of how you're implementing any or all of these in your life and share it on Twitter or Instagram and tag me @richbracken1.

This podcast was created from some listener requests and questions. Do you have a topic you'd like me to discuss? You can contact me by email at rich@richbracken.com or on Twitter and Instagram @richbracken1. 

Thank you for all of your amazing support as the podcast has continued to grow.

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