Episode #063 - The Beauty of Scars


We are all made of scars.

Whether they be physical, mental or emotional, my hope is that you have a few.

Not that I wish pain on you, but scars indicate two very important elements of life:

1) You've put yourself out there and have endured some sort of adversity

2) You are stronger than whatever caused it

As I listened to "Made of Scars" by Stone Sour during my workout the other day, I noticed the scars on my body more and then started thinking about the internal scars that I've endured.

Rather than pity myself, I was overwhelmed with pride. There is a certain power that comes from knowing that you rose up and moved forward after an interruption in your life.

That's what scars show.

In this episode I describe how I changed my perspective on my scars, inside and out, and I empower you to do the same. This mental change will bring you a new source of pride and strength in your everyday life.

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Photo by Zoshua Colah on Unsplash