Episode #069 - Life Balance Through Meditation with Caitlin Parsons


I can’t even begin to tell you how critical meditation has been for me as I’ve overcome struggles, balanced my life and just needed the time to get my thoughts collected with all of the things going on.

My guest on this podcast knows the value all too well as she is a certified yoga therapist and meditation consultant.

Caitlin Parsons of Healers Within Yoga Therapy in San Diego is one of the most soothing, balanced people I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. Determined to help people feel their absolute best, Caitlin’s practice focuses on helping her clients relieve pain, stress and anxiety through regular yoga and meditation.

In our conversation, we talk about such topics as:

  • Caitlin’s background and what got her into her practice

  • How you can start your own pain relief and focus in 1-3 minutes

  • How to overcome fears through meditation

  • How asking ourselves questions in our practice helps uncover the source of issues.

You can learn all about Caitlin, her practice and her upcoming online program at Healers Within Yoga Therapy.

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