Episode #074 - How to Re-Motivate Yourself


Through two separate e-mails yesterday, this question was asked of me:

“How do you keep going when you’re just not in a place that you have the focus or care to do anything?”

Simple: re-motivation.

Yes, it is a made up word, but it is one that has served me well throughout my life as I’ve worked my tail off to achieve, and come up short, on many goals.

To me, this is getting the engine going in your heart and soul when you’ve lost your way from the path to your goals and you’re in a darker, more frustrated place. When you lack the overall motivation to achieve, not just the daily “don’t feel like it.”

In this episode, I share the three key things I’ve done that have helped me refocus, recharge and re-motivate myself to get back on track and reset myself to overcome the obstacles of doubt and despair.

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