Episode #083 - Find a Path for Growth


Career stagnation is one of the worst feelings that you can possibly have, especially if you’re an overachiever by nature.

You’re cruising along, knocking it out of the park and then, your path for growth either has obstacles, no clear vision or doesn’t exist at all.

Maybe you’re a leader in your organization and you have a high performer who’s started slowing down their production, their energy has dropped and they just don’t seem as engaged as they usually are.

This is a perfect time to talk path to growth.

In this episode, made for leaders and achievers, I share some successful tips to keep your high performers happy while also uncovering some efficiencies and competitive differentiation for your company. While the talking points are geared towards the leaders, those who currently feel stuck should listen in to hear about some crucial conversations that they can have to bring joy back into their daily roles.

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