Episode #094 - Lessons Learned From Appearing on a Game Show


A couple of years ago, I had a childhood dream come true. Well, almost.

You see, I spent many a day as a child “sick from home” simply because I wanted to watch The Price is Right. Since those days, my dream job has always been to be the host of the show once Bob Barker was done.

Fast forward to 2017 and I didn’t make the game show circuit as a host, but a contestant on The $100,000 Pyramid. Not only was the experience of taping the show so surreal and amazing, the whole process taught me a ton about myself.

In this episode, I will share six lessons that I learned through auditions, rehearsal and the actual recording of the show itself. I’ve carried these lessons with me ever since and even in a couple of short years, they’ve taught me a lot.

  1. Be your authentic self

  2. Bring your energy up

  3. Don’t worry about being perfect

  4. The 5 Second Rule

  5. Active listening is key

  6. Don’t ever count yourself out

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