Episode #046 - Artist & Intuitive Energy Expert Maryanne Katsidis


I've always loved art.

I've always had a respect for those that can take a variety of paint colors and create an image that moves you. As I was scrolling some art images on Instagram one day, an image just grabbed me and wouldn't let go.

This painting (and frankly this room) blew me away:


It was then that I had the pleasure of connecting with Maryanne Katsidis, an amazing artist and intuitive energy expert from Australia.

She exercises her passions through artwork, workshops, blogs, social media channels, books, lifestyle videos, and her one on one sessions with clients all around the globe.

As an artist, she works hard to develop paintings that resonate with her and others about embracing fears, acknowledging our deepest desires and accepting ourselves with all our imperfections.

In this episode, Maryanne and I discuss:

  • The healing of the Zoi Method and what are the benefits?
  • Why have we gotten so far from that true bliss of childhood as adults? What can we do to reconnect?
  • Why is perfectionism a trap?
  • What has art taught her?
  • Where does she draw inspiration from to create her art?

You can learn more about Maryanne at where you can also see her artwork, view her videos and connect with her on social media.

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