Episode #015 - Kaleigh Gilchrist

Olympic Gold Medalist & Top World Surfer Kaleigh Gilchrist    Photo Credit:  Valerie Fox Photography

Olympic Gold Medalist & Top World Surfer Kaleigh Gilchrist  

Photo Credit: Valerie Fox Photography


We who sit on the couch watching sports or stand in the crowd cheering on our favorite athletes  forget sometimes about the dedication, focus and hard work these amazing individuals put in to their passion.

Not only was it incredible evident in this podcast how hard you have to work to be a top athlete, Kaleigh Gilchrist does it in 2 different sports!

Join me as I have an inspiring conversation with one of the most talented, hard-working, humble and hilarious people I've ever talked with. Kaleigh shares some of her stories of long hours and continuing to challenge herself to become, and stay, at the top of her game.

In this episode you'll learn a few things from Kaleigh:

  • How to set and build momentum towards your goals
  • How taking a few minutes after you complete a task to capture the good and bad can help you improve tomorrow
  • How to implement self-care even when your schedule is as hectic as hers
  • How to push through the moments of frustration by focusing on your end game
  • What makes her laugh

After the podcast, you can read more and follow Kaleigh's journey to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo at and you can find her on social media at the following links:

Twitter - @KGilchrist15

Instagram - @kaleighgilchrist

Facebook - @kaleighgilchrist15

Episode #002 - Motivational Monday - Definitely Win

Welcome to the first Motivational Monday!

This will be an ongoing theme where I breakdown some of my favorite inspirational quotes and give you the immediate applicability to kick your week off right.

This week: "I will win. Not immediately, but definitely"

Have you ever felt that the closer you get to a big goal, the more derailing the distraction or issue?

Join me in this podcast episode as I discuss how to overcome the potential issues that you may face and how to keep your eye on the finish line!