Episode #006 - Motivational Monday - Be You


So many times, we wear ourselves out trying to be something we're not to impress our friends, neighbors, loved ones or co-workers. Have you ever stopped to appreciate who you are as an individual?

We put ourselves on hold too many times due to fear of rejection or judgement because we want to "fit in." 

If you stop and think about it, who's the one person you need to be worried about because you spend the most time with them?


Welcome to the day that you set all of that free. In this episode, I will discuss the traps of self doubt and chasing standards and the impact of just being you. Quit being exhausted and start being blissful about the person you were created to be!

Thank you to Mel Robbins for having this quote in your book: The 5 Second Rule. It obviously resonated with me and I hope it opens up the eyes and hearts of others.

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