Episode #041 - Marketing & Branding Expert Anna Wood


Every ambitious woman will be told that her dreams are too big, that she’s too bossy, that she should ‘act like a lady.’
Some women will listen.
The ones that don’t will change the world.
— Anna Wood

In today’s marketplace, I feel like we’re at a historical junction where women are establishing their well-deserved place in the boardroom and the business world. While this success is growing, women still face certain challenges in the workplace as this is a long standing problem that won't go away overnight. This week's guest knows this all too well.

Anna Wood is the Founder/CEO of Brains over Blonde, a feminist lifestyle platform for women who REFUSE to choose between femininity and success. Anna's a Google alumnus with a Stanford MBA, a serial entrepreneur, content creator, and a Feminist with a capital F.

As a sales / marketing lead in Silicon Valley, she worked with major brands such as Netflix, Expedia, Lowes, and Airbnb. Now, as a self-described "Female Empoweress," she helps other women carve out amazing careers and cultivate fearless lives.

In this episode, I'll talk with Anna about:

  •  The current state of feminism
  • What female empowerment really means
  • Why personal branding is so critical to all people, especially women
  • How men can help battle rampant discriminatory and harassment situations in the workplace.

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Episode #008 - Vanessa Zambo of Stomp

Vanessa Zambo of

Vanessa Zambo of


I've always been a believer of the saying, "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. When you play good, you win!"

No one lives that saying better than Vanessa Zambo of A highly respected and decorated VP of Marketing and Communications at a major corporation, her passion is fashion in the workplace. Through her career, she has leveraged and expressed her style with strength, confidence and beauty. She created to share her story and her style insights with other women to help others feel the way she does.

In this episode, I sit down with Vanessa to learn:

- The origin of Stomp

- How to increase your confidence with clothing and style

- Why appearance truly does matter

- How to dress for power in a male dominated corporate culture

- What every woman should have in her closet

Be sure to visit her blog and you can learn more about Vanessa at the following social media links:

Twitter - @stompatwork1

Instagram - @stompatwork

Facebook - @stompatwork