Episode #019 - Motivational Monday - Visualize Your Finish Line


Coming off a week of recovery from running the New York City Marathon, I've realized how many lessons I learned over the past 7 months of training, as well as running the race itself.

Today, it's all about visualizing your finish line. What does that look like to you? What does finishing a personal challenge look like in that moment of completion and success?

Throughout my training, I visualized how I wanted the experience of crossing the finish line to look, I knew exactly how I wanted it to go. As I ran and trained for months, that was what drove me through the early mornings, the late nights and the last couple miles of training.

When race day was upon me, I focused on that as I stood at the starting line. 

Nothing was going to keep me from living that vision.

In this episode I discuss the value of that visualization and how it can help you get to cross your own finish line. No matter what your challenge or goal is, you must picture what success looks like. 

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Episode #012 - Motivational Monday - One Foot in Front of the Other


The hardest part about accomplishing any goal is starting down the new path.

Whether it's getting healthy, correcting a bad habit, improving your relationships or going down a new career path. It's a path to the unknown and disrupts your normal, comfortable routine.

But you know you need and want to step off the current path.

In this episode, I will discuss the fear of the first step and how to overcome that fear with a few easy tips on how to not only start, but keep going when it gets tough.

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