Episode #075 - The Purpose of Purpose


Have you ever gotten to the end of an extremely busy day and you’re exhausted, yet, unfulfilled?

Or that the things you’re accomplishing don’t quite bring you the joy you thought they would?

What you’re lacking is purpose.

Purpose brings you a deeper, more intrinsic value in everything you do and is easier to draw on when things get tough. Your purpose is a source of strength and drive that will overcome even the most difficult of challenges.

But how do you find it and stick to it?

In this episode, I will discuss the best way to find your purpose and how you can use it on a daily basis to achieve greatness, even on the toughest of days.

I will share with you the benefits of:

  • Being honest and introspective about your dreams and goals

  • Sharing your goals for support and advantage

  • The value of acknowledging your progress

  • How to audit your actions to identify efficiency.

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