Episode #020 - Motivational Monday - Gratitude Will Change Your Attitude


Ever get to a point where you feel like you're chasing so much, have so many to-do's on your list and can't seem to find happiness because you're drained?

I was there last week.

Then, through attitude intervention, I had a moment while backing up my hard drive where I sat and looked at pictures and videos.

It was in that time that I became extremely grateful. Grateful for my life, my family, my friends and my progression to this point.

Thankful for the mountains I've climbed and challenging moments that I've lived through.

Thankful for the time I've spent supporting others and the bliss of knowing that I'm making an impact. 

In this episode I discuss that evening and the change of direction I had mentally when I became gracious for everything from my heartbeat up.

I hope you take the time to be grateful this week. Send me a note on what you're thankful for and what you're going to do with the newfound energy that a simple exercise will bring you.

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I love y'all and want to see you change the trajectory of your life, starting today!

Episode #013 - Motivational Monday - Overcome the Pain of Change


We all experience change throughout our life and a lot of it is out of our control.

But for the things that WE have the ability to change, why are we so hesitant? Especially when it comes to decisions that we know will bring us happiness, we are afraid of the shift in comfort to a new path.

In this episode I'll share a couple of tips on how to overcome that fear and share some personal experiences on how I've battled, and overcome, the same fear you may be facing right now.

As you change your mindset, feel free to reach out to me at and tell me your story. I've been there too and I want to help guide you to a better peace of mind.

Also, follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @richbracken1 and tag a photo of your own impactful, genuine smile.