Episode #090 - The Power of Worthiness & Vulnerability


“We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

One of the most memorable comedy lines from Wayne’s World makes us laugh at the visual of Wayne and Garth bowing down to Alice Cooper.

But how many times do we quietly, to ourselves, declare that we’re not worthy of a person, job, opportunity or life path?

In prepping to watch Brene’ Brown’s new Netflix special, I went back and re-watched her TED Talk on vulnerability. In that talk, which you must go watch after this podcast located here, she talks about the concept of worthiness.

It’s as if my eyes saw a new color and I was reintroduced to the real me.

In this episode, I discuss the last 24 hours of my reawakening thanks to the amazing Brene’ Brown. Through the power of vulnerability and worthiness, I plan on leveraging this newfound energy and focus and I wanted to share it with you in hopes that you find the same power.

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Episode #088 - Beautifully Strong With Taylor Deeds


Welcome to a special edition of the EnRich Your Soul podcast where I’m joined by my friend, fitness and yoga expert, Taylor Deeds.

A growing force of positive inner and outer beauty awareness here in Kansas City, Taylor is taking on health and wellness with a unique message: you can be beautifully strong. A trainer at the gorgeous Woodside Health & Tennis Club in Kansas City, Taylor engages her clients with the same energy and positivity that radiates from her social media posts.

Through her blog, social media presence, events and speaking, Taylor is working with women to reveal their inner strength, fall in love with their unique outer beauty and develop the tools to battle insecurities and social pressures that women face constantly when it comes to their looks.

In episode we discuss:

  • Taylor’s background (2:40)

  • Why women face so much pressure to look a certain way (8:52)

  • Misconceptions and social media traps (12:21)

  • How strength training makes you look and feel better (15:50)

  • The strength in accepting your body (20:22)

  • The power of positive self-talk (25:04)

  • The benefits of training for an experience vs. a number on a scale (30:33)

  • How to set the right positive mentality (34:09)

  • Taylor’s favorite self-care rituals (38:00)

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Visit Taylor’s website for her blog, events and amazing content to help you on your way to being healthier inside and out.

Episode #065 - The Power of Self-Worth


In our every day existence, there are struggles and power grabs for our energy. Both internally and externally, we are trying to thrive in happiness while avoiding negativity from society and ourselves.

What if you could change your mindset to put up a better defense against these negative thoughts and feelings? I give you self-worth.

In this episode, I will discuss:

  1. The misconception between self-worth and self-esteem
  2. Why self-worth provides more happiness
  3. How to grow your self-worth physically and emotionally
  4. The easiest way to bounce back from a lowered self-worth 

I'm excited to arm you with a new foundation of love and balance to take on your day!

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash