Episode #061 - The Soulful Power of Yoga with Rebecca Padilla


Rebecca Yoga

If you've never tried yoga, I adamantly challenge you to give it a try. The benefits from physical, mental and spiritual angles are immense and is well worth the time and effort.

But you don't have to just take my word for it, meet Rebecca Padilla, a rising yoga star in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I'm proud to call her a friend and she is truly an inspiration to anyone struggling with self-acceptance and vulnerability.

In this conversation with Rebecca, we dive into several topics related to her yoga practice and her journey to improve lives, minds, bodies and hearts with her infectious energy and talent.

Rebecca addresses the following issues in this podcast:

  • Her background and path to becoming a yogi (3:20)

  • Common misconceptions of yoga (8:40)

  • The unique energy that a yoga class provides (11:34)

  • The greatest lessons that one can learn from practicing yoga (14:48)

  • Her advice on building confidence (19:50)

  • Self love vs. self acceptance (22:18)

  • The mental and physical benefits of inner balance (28:34)

  • How yoga can benefit business professionals and leaders (31:17)

  • What she took away from "The Dare to Bare Challenge" (35:55)

  • How someone can properly "show up" in the world (40:51)

  • Teaching children self value (45:57)

  • Personal goals (48:38)

You can follow Rebecca on Instagram and learn more about her practice and join her on the journey to inner bliss.

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Flower photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Episode #024 - Wellness & Mindfulness with Rae Ehly


Everybody on this planet is capable of chasing a healthy lifestyle.
— Rae Ehly

In the never ending battle of trying to be healthy, happy and mindful, we can find ourselves searching endlessly for resources and inspiration to live a better life.

However, there comes a time where you find someone who's energy, humility and sheer joy in what they're sharing is intoxicating and you want to learn more.

Meet Rae Ehly, a 23-year-old Kansas-City native whose passion for the growing health and wellness industry has led her to starting her blog, Wholehearted, where she shares anti-inflammatory recipes, research and thoughts surrounding hormonal health, gut health and mindfulness.

Her creative spirit energizes her as she shares her love for all things Matcha and fitness related to her friends and followers on her Instagram and her website. You can also find Rae on Spotify where she shares some of her favorite music for happiness and workouts.

In this episode with Rae, we discuss:

  • How to be more conscious of your body needs
  • Healthy options for food and exercise
  • Her go-to resources for wellness inspiration
  • The app that keeps her most mindful

As we go into the New Year, Rae's tips will help get you off to the right foot with your mind and body.

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