Episode #031 - Athena Laz


It's always a joy to connect with someone who's got a positive attitude, inner strength and optimistic outlook on life. When you meet someone who's got all of this, and more, in tremendous abundance, it's a blessing.

Athena Laz is that person.

A licensed psychologist and author, Athena is the self help columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine where she helps readers overcome their inner doubts and look past the obstacles in life to the path ahead.

In our conversation, you will learn about Athena's background and how she became to be a psychologist. She also shares amazing wisdom on overcoming your inner self critic, how to balance your life and how to instantly reset your day when you feel it going off track.

This is one of my favorite conversations, podcast or not, that I've ever had. You will instantly feel empowered to take control of your life and enjoy the blissful ride that it is.

You can also learn more about Athena, as well as listen to her amazing audio course, at AthenaLaz.com

Be sure to also follow her on Instagram @athena_laz  and on Twitter at @athena_laz  

She also has some phenomenal interviews with some top thought leaders on her YouTube page

Enjoy and share with your world!